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Lancaster, PA

Home Backup Generators Lancaster, PA

If a power outage emergency should happen it will bring you piece of mind knowing you have a reliable and durable natural gas or propane backup generator that you can count on to instantly power your residence or business. The team here at Monyer Electric has been specializing in natural gas and propane automatic backup generators since 2006. If you are a resident in the Lancaster, PA or surrounding areas then you can be rest assured that you have come to best place possible for unbeatable standby generator installation service. Our team is made up of highly dedicated and certified specialists that are factory trained and certified to work on all Generac products. We specialize in a variety of natural gas standby generators as well as propane backup generators. We are here to help you from choosing a specific automatic backup generator, to installation to maintenance and repair. If you are not sure which whole house gereator is best for your specific needs we will help you compare and contrast all of our options so we can help you come to a decision that you are completely satisfied with. If a propane backup generator does not seem to fit your need then maybe a natural gas backup generator is the one for you. From size, reason for use and to cost, we are here to help you find the perfect backup generator for your home or business.

Once you reach out to us and you decide on a standby generator we will provide a free interactive presentation of what your home will look like once with the selected standby generator of your choice and we will also be able to provide you with a professional, customized, installed price instantly. Our technicians are skilled and trained to complete all jobs correctly the first time and will address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your natural gas or propane backup generator. Please reach out to us today at (610) 678-6653, we look forward to your call!

We are committed to providing world-class service when it comes to generator installation. Call (610)678-6653 to make sure the lights always stay on!

Why Install a Backup Generator?

Whether you want to prepare for winter snow and ice storms or summer hurricanes, or just make sure your business never loses power throughout the year, Monyer Electric is your source for quality generator installation and maintenance. We always provide a superior level of installation and service when it comes to generators-we know how important it is to ensure your property remains functional through any circumstances.

Why else should you consider a generator? Generators:

  • Restore electricity automatically in all types of circumstances.
  • Improve comfort and convenience in storms.
  • Keep your family or your business more safe and secure.
  • Provide assurance and peace of mind.

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Laura Barnham
Laura Barnham

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Love these guys. I had trouble finding a licensed, honest and reasonable electrician- until I called these guys. David, Paul and Alberto are great. We are installing an above ground pool in Manchester (York) Township and the inspectors are picky. Monyer is making sure everything gets done right and the way the inspector wants. They answer all of my questions since I know nothing about electric. They are very helpful, understanding and put me at ease. I know everything will be safe once it's all done. Thanks again David :)

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